RESCHEDULED – General Meeting Topic – November 2023

Modems, Routers, and Wi-Fi

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Presented by Bill James, APCUG Speaker’s Bureau & Computer Club of Oklahoma City

The text below was provided by the APCUG Speaker’s Bureau webpage.

In the early days of networking, the term modem was used to describe a device that transformed speech into analog signals (and vice versa) to be transmitted over telephone lines. This presentation will discuss Modems, Routers, and Wi-Fi and how to set up your devices for the best performance since we all want fast, reliable, and secure Internet. First, Bill will give us information on the latest modems, router hardware developments, and best practices for setup and deployment. Next, he will discuss Wi-Fi as the best option and how it fits into Home Automation, demystifying terms like WPA, Wi-Fi 6, 802.11, Ethernet, and DOCIS 3.1. Finally, he will also cover the pros and cons of using a professional tech service to solve technical difficulties.