General Meeting Topic – March 2022

Ever Lost Your Smartphone?

Wednesday, March 16th, at 7:00 p.m.

John Krout, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society

This March, join us as John Krout, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society and member of the APCUG Speaker’s Bureau, presents “Ever Lost Your Smartphone?”

Learn how you can find your phone when it is misplaced nearby. Learn how to prepare your phone to be found by a good Samaritan (help the finder contact you) and by a bad apple (prevent the finder from using your phone and accessing its contents), as well as how to convince the police that a phone in their custody is in fact yours.

About the Presenter:

John has been writing about creative uses of personal computers since the early 1980s. Now he also writes about smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras. He retired in 2021 after working as a federal contractor software engineer for 30+ years and lives in Arlington, VA, with his son, many computers, digital cameras, and too many cats.