General Meeting Topic – November 2020

November 18, 2020, at 7:00 PM

Saving Your Life with Wearable Technology (Part 2)

Presenter: Dr. Ron Brown, Member of the APCUG Speaker’s Bureau

Join us via Zoom as Dr. Ron Brown, a member of the APCUG Speakers Bureau, presents this month’s presentation. We are going to learn all about “Saving Your Life with Wearable Technology (Part 2).”

Part 2 is a continuation of Mary’s story, a fictitious senior widowed and lives in a resort in Mesa, Arizona. She has a fall at night that results in a broken hip from an undiagnosed heart problem. In Part 1, Dr. Brown discussed the importance of knowing your heart rate and the many devices that can monitor and record. Part 2 will focus on Fall Detection, Emergency Notification, and Home automation to ensure safety for a senior living alone. Ron will discuss how to set up a home network, the Echo Show, Google Nest, and the New Zoom All-in-One Home appliance.

To learn more about Dr. Ron Brown, please visit his website,


The following text is from the APCUG website,

I want to be known as a retired technologist. My career started as a Flight Surgeon after having graduated in Medicine at the University of Alberta in 1976. In 1981, we settled in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, and I left the military to start a Family Practice. PC’s were just being produced, and Microsoft Windows was going to integrate everything. I wanted an electronic office and bought an interest in a start-up software company in Calgary that made an Electronic Patient Record. As my Family Practice grew, so did our software company.  Over the next 20 years, it grew into an International Company and had me traveling across Canada and the US giving papers at many conferences. The topics ranged from patient management, lab integration, security, and data input.

At 55, our two children were well on their way in their own careers, and my wife really wanted to get to know me. I retired and sold my medical practice and other business interests.  We bought a 36-foot 5th wheel and traveled as “Full Timers” for two years.  For various reasons, we ended up in Silveridge Resort in Mesa, Arizona, and bought a home without wheels. For the past seven years, we have made many friends and become involved in our new community. I became a program director for a very active Computer Club that now has about 200 members. I love technology and spend my spare time doing presentations at Resorts in the East Valley and teaching various programs in our resort. I have 10 prepared presentations on various topics and would be happy to be a guest speaker.