Tax Deductible Contribution

Thank you for donating to the Columbus Computer Society (CCS). As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations are tax-deductible.

Did you know that everyone involved with CCS is a volunteer? That means every dollar directly supports our mission and programs. CCS is devoted to offering services to its members with a focus on technology. Our purpose includes:

  • Promoting and enhancing technology for individuals and communities through education, outreach programs, and advocacy for equitable access to technology;
  • Encouraging experimentation and research in technology’s current and potential uses;
  • Providing education on existing and emerging technologies;
  • Offering a forum for members to raise awareness and utilization of technology;
  • Facilitating the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experience among members for their enrichment;
  • Acting as a communication medium with other technology groups;
  • Facilitating the formation of Special Interest Groups (SIGs);
  • Providing a platform for exchanging public domain and open-source technology;
  • Offering members a medium for acquiring and researching technology;

Your support is invaluable. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Payment Options Available

Please choose the appropriate tax deductible contribution below.

ContributionPayment Options

Byte-Level Supporter - $10.00

Entry-level support, perfect for tech enthusiasts.

Byte-Code Warrior - $25.00

For donors who want to make a difference in the tech world.

Data Maven - $50.00

Recognizing donors who value data and its impact.

Algorithm Architect - $75.00

For donors who appreciate the complexity of algorithms.

Digital Pioneer - $100.00

Recognizing donors who are at the forefront of digital innovation.

Cyber Sentinel - $250.00

For donors who prioritize cybersecurity and digital safety.

Tech Titan - $500.00

Reserved for donors who make a substantial impact in the tech field.

Innovation Maestro - $1000.00

Recognizing donors who support innovation and creativity in technology.

Virtual Visionary - $2500.00

For donors who see the potential of virtual technologies.

AI Ambassador - $5000.00

Recognizing donors who support advancements in artificial intelligence.